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In the heart of Kolding you will find Staldgården. The history of Staldgården goes back as far as Koldinghus. The walls of Staldgårdens contain stories of kings and queens, of regiments and horses, but they also contain the grim tale of the occupation of Kolding, Gestapo accommodation and the use of torture. From Staldgården the whole history of Kolding opens up. Visit Zelle II, Denmark's only preserved Gestapo cell, where you can hear the story of the occupation and Gestapo presence in Kolding, or take a guided tour around Kolding town. Staldgården - a glimpse into the history of Kolding's occupation.

Find vej til Staldgårdens udstilling
Oplev omkring 90 forskellige afgangsprojekter fra Designskolen Kolding. Udstillingen viser, hvordan design og designere kan an gøre en positiv forskel i en verden….
Hear the personal stories of the resistance and Gestapo people who lived at Staldgården from the autumn of 1943 until the liberation. ...
Be prepared for gloom and chills when you visit the infamous Zelle II - Denmark's only surviving Gestapo cell....
Be prepared for gloom and chills when you visit the infamous Zelle II - Denmark's only surviving Gestapo cell....
Take a trip back in time around Kolding during the occupation. ...
   Tour for groups  
Join us on a journey into the Kolding of the Occupation. With a guide you will walk around the centre of Kolding, where you will get the story of life and everyday life in Kolding during the occupation....
   Tour for groups  
Join a special city walk in Kolding and hear the blood-soaked stories that hide in the shadows....

The stable farm during the occupation

Staldgården har spillet en stor rolle under anden verdenskrig. Under besættelsen havde GESTAPO sydjysk hovedkvarter i Staldgården. Her indrettede de nogle fængselsceller, som danske modstandsfolk blev anbragt i mellem de brutale forhør. Mange af modstandsfolkene ridsede deres navne ind i væggen. En af cellerne, Zelle II, i Staldgården er som den eneste i Danmark bevaret som et dystert minde.

History of Kolding

Kolding originated where a north-south road traffic once had to stop to cross the Kolding river at the bottom of the Kolding fjord in the early Middle Ages. Very few towns in Denmark can trace their history back to the pre-Valdemar era.

Visit us

Staldgården 1
6000 Kolding

+45 76 33 81 00


Adults: 50 DKK
Children under 18: free

Ældresagen member: 45 kr.
Annual pass Staldgården: 100 kr.
Annual pass 3 locations: 200 kr.

Tickets can be bought in the museum shop. 

Opening hours

Jan - Feb
Open every day 11-17
Closed Mondays

Mar - Apr
Open 11-17.
Closed Mondays

May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sept
Open 10-17

Oct - Nov - Dec
Open 11-16
Closed Mondays

Closed between Christmas and New Year

Find your way


There are several parking options near Staldgården.

Please note that a parking ticket is required for parking on the grounds of the Stable Farm.


There are currently no toilet facilities at Staldgården.

Instead, please use the toilet facilities at Kolding Library, about 200 metres from Staldgården.



There are no disabled ramps to the Stable Farm exhibitions.

Please note that there may be steps.


You are not allowed to bring your dog into the shows at the Staldgården.

However, there is a lovely green area around the Castle Lake that is suitable for walks.

Remember to pick up after your dog.

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