ABOUT Christiansfeld

At first glance, you can already see that Christiansfeld town centre is something special. Houses and streets are completely symmetrical and laid out according to a carefully planned town plan.

As one of Denmark's World Heritage Sites, Christiansfeld is a cultural experience in a class of its own. In the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld, the Brethren Craftsmen created their idea of the perfect society - with symmetry, community and equality.

Visit the Sister House where Christiansfeld unfolds the history of Christiansfeld and the Brethren Congregation. Your admission ticket gives you access to the museum's changing special exhibitions, the Brethrenmen's Museum and exploration of the Sister House.

Take your time to discover the city, whether on your own or with one of Museum Kolding's expert guides. And don't miss out on tasting the famous honey cakes and feeling the poetic atmosphere of the city.

Christiansfeld - a suitable visit for the whole family.

Read more about Christiansfeld's history, the Brethren Church, the Herrnhuter star, gingerbread, stoves and architecture.

Besøg udstillingen i Søstrehuset i Christiansfeld og se et uddrag af Statens Kunstfond smykkesamling. …
Besøg den smukke udstilling Adventssjernen i Søstrehusets lokaler i Christiansfeld. Læs historien om Adventsstjernen mens du oplever de lysende stjerner i forskellige størrelser….
“Stjernestunder” er en særlig byrundvisning, hvor historien om den karakteristiske Herrnhutstjerne og julens traditioner inddrages. …
Discover the Brotherhood's exhibitions in the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld. One of the exhibitions is Christina Friederica's memorial....
When you redeem your ticket in Christiansfeld, you also get access to see this exhibition, which is part of the Brethrenmen's Museum....
See the Brotherhood's collection of objects and get an insight into everyday life and life in the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld as well as the congregation's missionary work. ...
Discover Christiansfeld and learn about the exciting history of the Brethren congregation and about the unique town plan and architecture....
The tour takes you around Christiansfeld and shows some of the places where the story of Southern Jutland's reunification with Denmark in 1920 took place. ...
The tour takes you around Christiansfeld and shows some of the places where the story of Christina Friederica von Holstein takes place.
Take a digital city walk around Christiansfeld and experience stories about the Reunification on the route around the relevant places in town....
   Tour for groups  
Discover the UNESCO city of Christiansfeld and hear about Christiansfeld's and the Brethren's connections to the global world....
   Tour for groups  
Discover the historic nature and garden site with a guide....
   Tour for groups  
Join the guide and hear how the many sisters lived together in the Sisters' House in the UNESCO town of Christiansfeld. ...
   Tour for groups  
Discover Christiansfeld and learn about the exciting history of the Brethren congregation and about the unique town plan and architecture....
   Tour for groups  
Come with a guide on a walking tour of Christiansfeld and learn about the special town plan, the architecture and the design and materials of the buildings....

World Heritage

Christiansfeld is a world heritage site in a class of its own. In Denmark we have seven World Heritage Sites, and Christiansfeld is one of them.

Christiansfeld was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015 as a testimony to a cultural tradition and an example of impressive architecture.

Visit us

Nørregade 14
6070 Christiansfeld

+45 76 33 81 00


Voksne: 50 kr.
Børn under 18 år: gratis
Ældresagen medlem: 45 kr.

Årskort til hele Museum Kolding (gældende ét helt år) til 150,-

Årskort til hele Museum Kolding + ledsager (gældende ét helt år) til 200,-

Billetter købes
i Søstrehuset eller online.

Opening hours

Lukket 01.01.23
Tirsdag-søndag kl. 11-16.
Mandag lukket

Februar · marts · april
Tirsdag-søndag kl. 11-16.
Mandag lukket
(2. påskedag undtaget)

Maj · juni  · juli  · august 
Alle dage kl. 10-17

September · oktober · november · december
Tirsdag-søndag kl. 11-16
Mandag lukket

Closed between Christmas and New Year

Find your way


Free parking is available throughout Christiansfeld.

Bus driving and bus parking are not allowed in the UNESCO area. Buses are directed to Lindegade 53.


There are public toilets in the city, including in the old Sprøjtehus on Kirkepladsen, at the large car park on Lindegade and at the bus station by Genforeningspladsen.

You are also welcome to use the toilets in Søstrehuset, where there is a baby changing area in the disabled toilet on the ground floor.


Everywhere in Christiansfeld there are level differences and cobblestones. However, you can move around the town with a walker, wheelchair and pram without any major problems.

Via the west gable of the Sister House there is access via a ramp and access to a lift from which the whole house can be accessed.
OBS! The door opens outwards.


You are not allowed to bring your dog into the Sister House.

There are several green areas where it is possible to walk your dog.
Remember to pick up after your dog.

World Heritage

We encourage all visitors to take care of the World Heritage.

To reduce wear and tear on the city's surfaces and pavements, heavy traffic is prohibited in the historic centre. Furthermore, all visitors are encouraged to show respect and consideration for the local population and the town's buildings and planting.

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