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Skamlingsbanken is Sønderjylland's highest point and from here it is possible to experience 360 degree views over the landscape and Lillebælt. The nature in the area is worth a visit in itself, with steep hills and ravines formed by the forces of the last ice age. Especially at the highest point, 113 metres above sea level, the view is breathtaking.

Skamlingsbanken has been an important meeting place throughout Danish history. Here, great speakers have stood on the bench and spoken with a force that has changed social conditions for many.

Hidden in the banks you will find the Samlingsbank Visitor Centre, which with its architectural form blends into the unique landscape. Here you can explore the digital narrative and learn about the four great forces
- nature, place, speech and collection - that have made the Bank of Shame the national gathering place it is today.

Feel the atmosphere and experience the four forces of nature, place, speech and gathering. ...
BestigBjerge er en friluftsleg for alle, der kan lide at færdes i naturen. Ruten på Skamlingsbanken er 4,5 km. lang….
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Discover the beautiful historic area around Højskamling and hear the story of Skamlingsbank's important place in Danish history....

Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre

Experience a digital story about the four great forces of the Skamlingbank: the power of nature, place, speech and gathering. Feel the atmosphere of the story about the retreat of the ice, get tips on how to become a better speaker, experience a shitstorm first hand and explore the vast natural area of Skamlingsbank.

The visitor centre is built into the hillside, leaving nature as undisturbed as possible. With a large window overlooking Lillebælt, it is an architectural portal to the history of the site. The exhibition in the visitor centre inspires visitors to go out into the area with a better understanding of the site's strengths and identity.

In addition to the interactive exhibitions that wind around the architectural landscape, you can visit the museum shop or enjoy a coffee and the view from the café.

Café SKAU and shop

Café Skau byder blandt andet på forskellige forfriskninger, lækker kaffe eller en let anretning, som kan nydes sammen med den storslåede udsigt.

It is also possible to explore the museum shop of the visitor centre, which is worth a visit with selected goods from near and far.

Routes and trails
Experience the dramatic landscape and stunning views of the Skamlingsbank on the marked walking routes. Trails and grassy paths lead you from Højskamling over the ridge or down through ravines and woods until you have your toes in the Lillebælt.
Find routes and trails here.

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Skamlingvejen 125
6093 Sjølund

Telephone +45 76 33 81 00


Voksne: 50 kr.
Børn under 18 år: gratis
Ældresagen medlem: 45 kr.

Årskort til hele Museum Kolding (gældende ét helt år) til 150,-
Årskort til hele Museum Kolding + ledsager (gældende ét helt år) til 200,-

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Opening hours


Åbner 11.02.2023
Tirsdag-søndag 11-16
Mandag lukket

Marts · april
Tirsdag-søndag kl. 11-16
Mandag lukket
(2. påskedag undtaget)

Maj · juni · juli · august 
Alle dage kl. 10-17

september · oktober · november · december
Tirsdag-søndag kl. 11-16
Mandag lukket

Closed between Christmas and New Year

Find your way


Parking is free on Skamlingsbanken.


Toilet facilities are available at the Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre. It is possible to access the toilet around the clock.


It is possible to get around the Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre with a walker and in a wheelchair.

There are path systems in the large outdoor area, but be aware that the terrain is very hilly.


You are not allowed to bring your dog into the visitor centre. However, there are good opportunities for long walks in the vast terrain of the Skamlingsbank.

Dogs must be kept on a lead throughout the site. Please be aware that there are areas with grazing animals.

Remember to pick up after your dog.

Cafe and restaurant

Find Café Skau i besøgscentret. Her kan der købes en let anretning, forfriskninger, kaffe, kage mv.

Restaurant Skamlingsbanken is 150 metres from the visitor centre. See the Restaurant Skamlingsbanken website for more information.

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