Museum Kolding is organised into three central departments, each with its own area of responsibility: Administration and HR, Cultural and World Heritage, and Communication and PR.

The organisation works in a project-organised manner, with project working groups being set up on an ongoing basis across the organisation to take on specific tasks and projects in relation to the museum's strategy and particular areas of focus. Ongoing tasks, such as communication and events, are also undertaken by staff across the organisation.

The museum organizes 17 permanent employees. In addition, there are hourly paid museum hosts, a fee-paid guide corps of about 20 people and an associated craftsman through a cooperation agreement with Konserveringscenter Vejle. There is also a group of volunteers working at the museum, mainly in the areas of collections management and registration.

The Board

Museum Kolding is managed by a board of directors, which is responsible for the museum's operation. The board consists of 9 members and one employee representative and has the following composition:

  • Eva Kjer Hansen, appointed by Kolding City Council from among its members
  • Merete Due Paarup, appointed by Kolding City Council from among its members
  • Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen, appointed by Kolding City Council
  • Camilla Birkegaard (Chair), appointed by Erhvervsklubben Business Kolding
  • Jørgen Bøytler, appointed by the Brethren Congregation
  • Peder Damkjær, appointed by Skamlingsbankeselskabet
  • Jens Wittrup Willumsen, appointed by the Board
  • Jesper Vilstrup, appointed by the Board
  • Anne-Sophia Hermansen, appointed by the Board
  • Michael Nobel Hvid, elected by the employees

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