Ambassador Corps

Pride and co-hosting!
Christiansfeld Ambassador Corps was founded in the spring of 2018 as a result of a series of workshops and meetings with local and interested citizens and other stakeholders.
The Ambassador Corps was founded with the aim of creating a voice, commitment, ownership and co-presence in Christiansfeld among citizens, businesses, associations and organizations and other interested parties.

On Wednesday 20 June 2018, the first Ambassador event was held in the Sister House. A dialogue was established with the attendees, who were given a guided tour of Christiansfeld and information about Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding's work in communicating the world heritage.

Who can become ambassadors?
Are you proud of Christiansfeld and its world heritage? Are you passionate about good hospitality and would you like to help spread the word about the town? - Then you can become an ambassador!

The Ambassador Corps is for all interested, staff of the town's shops, companies, associations, organizations and private citizens from Christiansfeld and surrounding areas - or other stakeholders.

The purpose of the Ambassador Corps is to create:

Local anchoring - ensure connection to the town of Christiansfeld and the institution Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding as a dissemination centre and actor in the local community.
Identity in the ambassador corps and ensure: ownership, commitment, involvement.
Local cooperation - ensure good cooperation between locals, stakeholders and Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding and ensure a "we-are-in-group" mentality in the town.
Education and dissemination - ensure that locals and stakeholders are aware of the history of the town and the work that is happening at Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding and create a two-way voice between Christiansfeld | Museum Kolding and the members of the Ambassador Corps.
Co-hosting - Ensure that the good hosting Christiansfeld is known for is maintained, so that tourists get a great experience in the town, where good hosting is an important factor.

It is the wish that Christiansfeld Ambassador Corps contributes to:

Economic growth.
Sustainable tourism development, including beneficial and sensible management of tourists in urban areas.
Increased awareness of the city and its history - both among locals and stakeholders, but also to a large extent among visitors to the city.
Strengthened local anchoring and cooperation, and increased awareness of Christiansfeld and its world heritage.

For more information and to register:

Site Manager
Steen Rosenvinge Lundby
79 79 10 73

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